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Change log

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This is a minor feature updates.

  • New feature:
    • Enable detection on local file. file:///
    • Show version update notice when available.


This is a bug fix release.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix language detection issue with bing api change
    • Enable multiple lang detection (google as well) to avoid single source failure
    • Remove unneeded “max-translation-result” settings


This is a minor release.

  • New feature:
    • Automatically upgrade plugin versions
  • Improvements:
    • Automatically detect google translation domain in ExpressSetup


This is a minor release.

  • Improvements:
    • Localize extension description
    • Show primary lang on top of select
    • Show release note on plugin update
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix firefox option page style
    • Fix build error on latest gradle
    • Fix repository placeholder url
    • Fix metrics name


This is a minor release.

  • Reduce permision request


  • Initial release with 3 supported plugins