Config DictHub to customize your translation preference.

Translation Settings

  • Preferred Language
    Set the default translation target language, usually the native language should be selected here.
  • Automatically detect language from query input
    If selected, DictHub will try to infer the language of the selected text (Currently by bing translation). Otherwise, language of the current webpage is used.
    Mostly this option is suggested to be selected; there is some known case that the selected text can be valid in multiple languages, if the auto detection is causing less efficiency, this option can be turned off.
  • Max Translation Result
    Set the maximum translation results for the query. If enabled plugins are more than this value, plugins with higher priority is picked.

Plugin Repository List

Config the plugin repository to load plugins. Plugin Repository is an index of plugins content with id, name, version and description.

  • Click to delete the repository entry
  • Click to add new repository entry

Plugin Settings

Plugins are loaded from the Repository List

  • Enable/Disable Plugin: Use the switch right of the plugin line to enable/disable plugins
    When plugin is enabled, plugin content is downloaded locally to speed up translation.
  • Update Plugin: When plugin updates available, Update button is displayed.
  • Change Plugin Order: Drag the plugin entry line to change plugin priority

Advanced Settings

  • Edit Settings directly
    This enables advanced user to directly update stored preference.
  • Send anonymous usage data via Google Analytics to help improve this extension.
    Share usage information to Google Analysis, the data will be used to improve the extension only. Data sent is
    • Translation from/to language
    • Plugin stats: Success vs Failure